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I paint to express my opinions and feelings, sometimes to express frustration and sometimes to express and harness the manic energy my mind seems to possess.


The following is an indirect quote from the book “Lovestar” written by Andri Snær Magnason, published in 2004:

“When my mind spawns an idea of a painting, it becomes almost viral. I become a slave to the idea, driven to bring it to the world. When an idea possesses me, it can override the speech centers of the brain, takes my appetite and seemingly the need to sleep. The idea keeps me going and when it is born I feel almost empty, even though i hang onto it and mark my name on it it still leaves me as a shell. He who has ever had an idea grow inside his mind, becoming clearer, forming and developing knows its worthless just to have had one idea. To be satisfied with one good idea is like being satisfied ever having had one orgasm, or to have eaten and drunk just once. There is nothing sadder than an artist having one good song, one good book, one idea and then nothing more. Then its better never to have had it in the first place.”

The reason for quoting “Lovestar” seems fitting since I can not put it in better words my self.

It all started as a way to keep me occupied but developed into a career. But one idea spawned the next and before I knew it I had found my path so to speak.


My favorite thing about my work is the freedom to say what I feel in a painting, It may not be right, it may be biased, and it may even insult someone but its what i feel non the less. Someone once said “Art is a great way to say fuck you to reality” and i guess in a way that is true. I start my works in the computer assembling digital collages in Photoshop, finding the key elements and then adding the environment and depth later. I love working in Photoshop because the digital sketch gives me a great deal of freedom to experiment with perspective and forms. Test out what works and what doesn’t. Then I move into the physical realm of the painting it self using oils and canvas. I use oil colors because have so much light and brightness in them. It is like they contain energy waiting to be released on the canvas. When I work with oil on the canvas Im often reminded that there is no undo key so Im forced to slow down a bit to avoid mistakes. When my work is going well, I am filled with a sense of fulfillment and I know a painting is done when i feel the composition work in harmony with the colors. When people see my work, I’d like them to stop and think, explore and figure out their own narrative.

My current work has grown in size, mainly working on 200cm x 130cm canvases with more complex collages, experimenting more with composition and narrative. Earlier work were simpler, more statements than a story. I have started to use recent events in the news as an inspiration or an idea for a piece simply spawns in my mind while reading a news story. The large pieces can be draining since they take allot of time to paint. Its like climbing a summit. I don’t look up, just focus on the steps in front of me. Some times I have to force my self from the computer and start working the canvas.