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Hjalti Parelius is a Reykjavik based painter focusing on painted collage. His recent works are large-scale works up to the size of 2×3 meters and larger.
Starting out only 8 years ago as an artist born out of the 2008-2009 recession he has been determined to make a name for him self and follow his path with a passion. Now 8 years later and 13 exhibitions later Hjalti has gotten a firm footing in the art scene. His works are now in private collections all over the world with a waiting list of up to 12 months. Hjalti´s works are painted collages where he uses comic elements and characters as well as known artworks from art history as a musician uses a digital sampler, creating new from old, exploring with the technique of a visual remix.
With my paintings I give you a scene, with certain actions and parts of a story, but what the final interpretation of the painting is lies in the hands of the viewer. That way a painting can be meaningful to some on a very personal level giving the viewer a richer personal experience.”
Hjalti´s artworks contain elements from the old masters like Titian and that has caused issues with Facebook censoring them for nudity or showing excessive skin. This gave the artist an idea for a series called the 21´st Century Nudes where old masterpieces have been censored.

“We live in a world overflowing with information, relying on social media as our main tool of communication. This has given social media giants like Facebook a lot of power, controlling what we see and how it is presented. I was flabbergasted when they slut-shamed the star piece of the 21´st Century series, deeming a 16th century masterpiece of art as pornography. Even after I censored the image it was still refused, reason being that it showed “excessive skin”. I should have just put her in a burka but then it would probably been racist…”